Class diagrams

Some week ago I tried to do something eith class diagrams,
but could not start. Later I read that it is only for extending TDM3.

Would it be possible to use it for database purposes ?

You are familiar with the standard M/V/C scheme for web projects.
There is MODEL that should copy the database structure for each table
with functions, properties (from table),…

If TDM could create such a class from table and maintain synchronization
(like LER to PER should be enough)
that would be nice too :slight_smile:

And add functions manually, or assign SQL functions to class functions.
That would be perfect.

Add yet another functionality, and you could release a brand new product.


Just to make sure that we understand well:

  • you’d like to RE your db to physical model (at the moment, TDM3 supports only PER and LER diagrams, MD diagrams only extend TDM3),
  • and generate a code that you could use in your web application to access table data.

This would be possible to do if you created a completely new generator that would generate your code. If you are interested, we recommend you to go through class Generator (PERCodeGenerator) and method of DDL script generation. (See the Reference Guide).

Nevertheless, we do not plan to further improve this functionality in the future.

Well, if we’ve misunderstood, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + Petr

Is it possible to extend also PER or LER model view in workspace ?

If I add new properties to table designer, a new list of functions for example, I would like to see the list in the workspace.
I know it can be seen in HML report, table property window.


Is it possible to extend also PER or LER model view in workspace?

No, it's not possible. You can add new properties to forms/frames, possibly Model Explorer, but not to designer. I'm sorry.