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DB2 for z/OS - Generating DDL for Database/Tablespace Objects


Hi, just exploring the capabilities of Toad Data Modeler, with the intention of using it to deploy to DB2 for z/OS. The basic modeling capabilities for tables/indexes/views etc seem excellent, but I can’t see any way of defining the physical characteristics of database and tablespace objects, or generating DDL for them.

Seems difficult to believe that the product could be so capable in modelling/generating some objects, but completely ignore databases and tablespaces. I see the capability for scripting, but if I’m going to essentially hard code DDL in Toad I must just as well hard-code it in a mainframe PDS and avoid using/paying for a tool altogether.

Can anyone please tell me if I’m missing something?



Hello Julian,
TDM doesn’t model all objects from database, specially some physical objects, where is necessary to have some higher permissions. I think it will be this case. TDM reverse only name of theses objects, because it is necessary to create script for tables and other objects.
If you want to have in Model Create Statement for database or TableSpace you can use Model Before Script, where you can write any code.