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Close editor tab


simple question: does Toad provide a keystroke-combination for closing an editor tab?

Background: when editing large numbers of tabs, it is more convenient to use a keystroke combination than to grab the mouse in order to close a single tab. (think RSI-prevention)
I’m looking for something similar to Ctrl-W in Notepad++.

I’ve searched for such a command, but apparently only in the wrong places :frowning:

Thanks in advance & kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Hey Abe,

Yes, it does. You can define custom keystroke shortcuts in Toad’s options. Just open up the options and go to Toolbars/Menus -> Shortcuts. For this item, go to the entry for “Editor -> Close Tab”. Highlight that entry and press the sequence you wish to use (ex: Ctrl+W). Toad will use that setting going forward.



thanks. That was indeed one location where I failed to think of searching.
It works like a charm.

Thanks again.