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TDP 4.2 Code Completion - table names

I'm working in TDP 4.2, and I noticed that when I type a sql query, after the FROM where I would normally see a list of table names, I am now seeing a list of column names from the first table in the list. Is anyone else experiencing this? Normally I would first see a list of schema names. I type the schema, then type "." at which point I would see a list of table names. The schema list shows up, but not the table list. Can anyone recreate this?

Hi, our code completion works base on provider. Is it possible that you can see different list on MySQL or on Oracle. Also from your picture I see you are listing columns for table which you select so this is probably correct.

Are you able give me more details? What type of provider are you using and how it works for you in previous version?



I figured it out…I just had to expand the code completion list, and now I see the tables.