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Toad for SQL Server - problem with code completion

I connect to a DB.

I write a simple statement sql like : select count(*) from TABLE_NAME.

In editor SQL I type select, code completion open list of tables. I select one.

Code completion permit me to select fields to include in results set.

At this point I select from code completion - code snippet - COUNT .

My sql statement become : SELECT COUNT(expression) from TABLE_NAME.

Expression is selected. I press backspace and type * instead EXPRESSION.

If at this point I press tab key, code completion delete * character and expander the * with all fields of table.

For example : select count(FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3,…FIELDN) from TABLE_NAME .

Obviously this generate an error when I run/execute my sql select statement nad I must delete all FIELDN manually from previous sql statement…

I stay tune for your consideration,

Best regards,