Code Road Map feature question

Hello all-

I have been trying to use Code Road Map to extract Code and Table dependencies but have gotten inconsistent results and out of memory errors. I may have to give up using the tool and try some custom SQL. I am using v10.6.1.x.

Is Code Road Map providing any additional dependency analysis not stored in the _DEPENDENCIES and _CONSTRAINTS tables?


YES – the dependencies and constrains do NOT follow triggers. So if table
A has trigger B that does insert/update/delete on table C – you will not
get this using these.

One piece of advice – Code Road Map is not intended to point at an entire
app code base and produce one big diagram. It is intended for more precise
scalpel like usage. The intent was to provide a developer working on a task such
as write/modify some procs/funcs/packages could get a view of what they are
working on.

I point this out since in order to get these out of memory issues one most
likely is trying to look too wide ….