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Toad for Oracle Freeware : does not generated Code Road Map for a module in Package

Installed software: Toad for Oracle Freeware (64-bit) Version , Installed in Windows 8.1 64 bit PC.

Problem: No generation of Code Road Map for a single module in a Package that has 20 modules.

Sequence performed:

Selected the Schema Browser > selected Packages from list box (no Tables) > Selected one of the modules ( selected in a Package list > Then right click and selected Code Road Map icon.

Behavior: It starts doing the analysis of the codes, but after 30 or more seconds or so does not produces a figure and remains an empty blank page (All Items one)

Question is this a Restriction or Limitation of the Freeware version ?, so not able to have such Code Road Map for a single module in a package granularity ?

thanks in advance.

I was able to generate a Code Road Map using Freeware Toad. It might be a permissions problem in the database. If you aren’t logged into the database as the package owner, try that.

John, thanks for the suggestion. I have connected as a user with all grants, but will double check. Thanks.

John, I have verified and the user I am using has ownership rights/grands as DBA. Further information: the Code Road Map is able to produce for the whole Package the figure, but treats the Package and the modules inside it as a whole and it outputs a large figure and complex to view and organize. So it does not allows to select just one of the modules and produce the Code Road Map to be able to have a simpler view at single module level. Thanks.

Oh, I thought initially you were saying that it wasn’t showing dependent objects outside of the package. I’m not sure what it is supposed to show you inside the package.

To compare what CRM does in freeware vs. pay-ware, you could download a trial version of Toad. Trial versions are fully featured, just time limited.

John, Thanks for the suggestion. It seems to be the way to go for the trial version to verify if it does it or not. Regards.

John, I have installed the Trial version and the behavior is the same as the Freeware. So it seems that when packaging the procedures the Code Road Map is able to analyze and visualize at the level of Package and not at single procedure inside the package. I have verified also that I have DBA right for the Pacakges.

To view the objects inside a Package, go to the “Reveal Package Items” button (to the right of the magnifying glass). A new workspace will open with an exploded diagram of the code in the Package.

Code Road Map in the freeware is limited to displaying 25 entities. The full version also allows you to export, copy, print preview, print, save and report.

John Pocknell

Product Manager

Thanks John, now I can navigate and isolate the procedure inside a package and isolate the dependencies.