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Code Road Map does not work

Good day, I have version 13.1 of Toad for Oracle and the "Code Road Map" does not work ... it takes a few minutes in the process and at the end it does not map anything.
Is it that I'm missing some additional configuration or is it a "Toad for Oracle" problem?

I will be attentive to any comment about it.
Thank you

Note: With this already go 2 problems that I am finding the tool (Error ORA-01741 when editing table (F4))

I am not seeing this behavior in my 13.1. The Code Road Map feature should not need any additional configuration within Toad, assuming you have the database privs to see the objects you are trying to map. May need to go to our Support to check this out.

Thanks for answering,
We are making arrangements to buy the tool, meanwhile I'm with trial version 13.1 and I'm with a test database with dba rights