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Cold Folding "Fold/Unfold" all Editor Option missing?

I recently discovered a really handy feature in one of my code editors that enabled me to Fold/Unfold all code folds. Started looking into this in Toad and I see it was a documented feature in release 12.7 according to the 12.7 User Guide, you should be able to right click in the editor and the option would be there. Unfortunately I don’t see this available in the latest release, Was it intentionally removed or maybe now controlled with a setting that I haven’t found yet? It would be really handy to have, I’ve been using the /startfold/ /endfold/ manual comments to work around the default folding behavior and it’s very time consuming manually collapsing everything individually. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

Check your Toad Options in the Editor section to see if Folding is Enabled. It may have been turned off.

Yes, I have folding turned on. Actually I believe the setting referenced in the feature applied to the “Navigator” pane vs the actual editor. I don’t believe what I’m looking for actually exists in Toad. I was hoping for a way to collapse ALL folds in the “Editor” vs “Navigator” and it just does not seem there is a way to do so which is very unfortunate, most other code editors do have an option for this and it has been a huge time saver.

This used to be there, but was taken out when swapping out edit controls. If it’s not logged as a defect I’ll log it.

Awesome, thank you very much Michael!