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Comment: Click LEFT Margin and SQL Code Collapses

This is just a comment and I am not calling this a bug. Just an unwanted feature.

Miss the beginning of the 1st column in the SQL editor and touch the left margin instead, the SQL code ROLLS Up, out of sight.

Since the release which added this feature I have never once used this feature on purpose. I have often WISHED it was not there. If I slow down, and am careful, this feature does not hurt me too much. But if I move too fast, my code ROLLS UP and out of site. I have to go find it and get back to where I was. This feature was not added for efficiency.

Code folding was added ~13 years ago, you should have asked sooner! In options on the Editor|Behavior page disable Folding if you don’t use it. Lower right on that page.


13 years ago? It has been that long?

Thank you for the tip. So, I tried disabling it and I see that I DO use the IF/ELSE decoration column on the left. Visually, I do use the feature. Trying to not touch it with the mouse and beginning selection with the first character to the right, well, I will continue as I was. I would miss the visual feature.

Thank you for letting me know I had an option.

Looking at the Toad release history it may have been 11 years, but yeah it’s been in there a very long time. The active block highlighting is nice and unfortunately the two go hand in hand.