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Column alias incorrectly rendered when name remark


This relates to Beta of Toad for Oracle.

In a select clause, when aliasing a column name as remark,
the name ‘remark’ is rendered as if it were a comment to the source, which it is not.

Why is the alias name rendered differently in case the name happens to be ‘remark’ ??

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Abe Kornelis

Sorry, I forgot to include a screen print of the formatted statement:

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“remark” is a keyword (to indicate a comment)

What John said.

In addition, highlighting is performed by simple word matching for speed. It’s not 100%, but using the parser for syntax highlighting is overkill. If you don’t use REMARK in your scripts for commenting you can remove it from the list of “SQL*Plus Keywords” on the SQL tab in the Editor’s Font and Styling options.


Michael / John,

thanks for the info. I never knew there is a remark keyword. I always use either – or /**/.

And indeed, wherever the column name appears, the entire remainder of the line is rendered as comment.
At the same time, the parser does seem to recognize that it’s a column name.
The code is formatted correctly, without indicating there is a syntax error.

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