Column completion

Hi. I’m running Toad for Oracle and I have a problem with auto completion.

I have a simple statement like this

T1.COLUMN1 = T2.

My problem is the completion after “T2.” doesn’t relate to “TABLE2”. I get a list of columns from another table.

Any clue?


I should also add that when I use a different allias for my table, no completion is then available.

And that I tried closing and opening up again Toad, which didn’t do anything to solve my problem.

Yes – we used to demo this in the toad tips and tricks. The first time you
use an alias such as T1 it gets stored in a file (I think alias.txt in user
files). Then that’s the value toad remembers. So you simply need to remove
it from that file so that it can assume a new meaning ……

Thanks for your answer, but I can’t seem to find any file in which my aliases are stored, be it alias.txt or whatsoever in the TOAD folder.

Even then, that would not answer why some new aliases do not trigger any completion.

Not in the toad install directory – under the windows standard for where
app files go – on XP it was docs and settings/application data/quest
software/toad ……

And yes – this exactly describes why you are seeing this problem.
Let’s say last week you typed the following

Select t2.* from table_xxxxxxx t2

Now today you type your command as you listed it – toad remembers the
table as table_xxxxx and shows it’s columns. There is online help on this
and also stuff on FAQ

Sorry, I found the file in question. Thanks for the insight!