Column picker in the schema browser


Is there any chance that the column picker could be enhanced a little? In
earlier versions, you could deselect all fields, but in 10.5 you can’t do this.

It really doesn’t matter if your tables have a handful of rows, but when the
table is an Oracle Financials table with 100 rows or more, it becomes infeasible
to deselect tables one at a time.

It would be even better if you could shift-select or control-select a set of
columns to select/de-select them :slight_smile:

Oh and while I’m on the browser, could we have the single record viewer moved
back to the top, please?



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Do you mean the column picker for the data grids?

if you right-click on the column picker dialog, you get an option to
‘Uncheck All’

In case it helps, the Single record viewer is also the second item on a
right-click from the grid.

You can also multiselect in the column picker dialog, then right-click to check
or uncheck the selected columns.

Thanks John & Jeff.

I thought I’d tried every combination, but obviously I didn’t try right-clicking
when the picker was already selected.

I must attempt to move into the 21st century and remember to right-click a bit
more often in Toad :slight_smile: