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What did Quest do?!?

We finally moved from Toad 9 to 10 and have noticed a change that is very annoying. Within the Schema Browser Data tab, they’ve moved the menu from the top left corner of the grid which you could perform certain functions such as exporting, show/hide columns, and much more. What is more annoying than it being moved is the functionality of the only item left behind which is the show/hide columns… you can no longer select/deselect all columns at one time when you could in version 9.

To me, this was a bad move on Quests part. What were you thinking Quest?!?

Don’t remove convenient features… and put the quick menu back!

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Hi Derek,

One of the things we heard in a lot of surveys was that there was not enough consistency thoughout the product. The SB-tables-Data popup menu, for instance, was different from all the other data grid popup menus.

Most of these ‘non-standard’ grid features (of any grid) were moved to the toolbar right above the grid.

To show/hide multiple columns, click the column selector widget in the top left corner of the grid, then you can multiselect in the dialog that appears and rt-click to check./uncheck all. That little widget also supports incremental search, so if you want to hide a particular column you can type the first few letters of the name to find it quickly.



I know I’ve been called blind in the past, but I’m not seeing any sort of uncheck all feature in the show/hide columns widget. If I left click the widget, the columns list shows with all of the columns checked. When I right click on the widget, it goes back to the data grid view.

What am I not seeing. Also, which menu above the data grid are you speaking of that has replaced the widget menu items.

Side question… where did alphabetize columns go to that was in the widget in version 9?



You’re on version 10, right? We didn’t add the feature that John is
talking about until after version 10. The check/uncheck all, and alpha sorts
were both added in 10.5

oh. yeah, sorry Derek, when you said you upgraded I guess I thought that meant
to the latest (10.6)

So if I got the latest rev (non-beta), then features would be back they way they used to be?

you’ll be able to alphabetize columns and show/hide multiple columns at
once, but those features are not in the exact same place where they were in 9.7.

So if I got the latest rev (non-beta), then features would be back they way they used to be?