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Command line parameters are not working

Hi folks,

I have attached the screenshot with commandline parameters for which, I'm getting access denied error.

For the same parameters, we are not having any issue if we manually provide the connection settings on Toad client directly.

Command that I used is - toad.exe -C $Username/$Password@$Host:$Port/$Database

Version is 9.x; Please let me know if there any version upgrade need to be done for this command line to work.

You may want to ECHO the command line when testing your batch script, to make sure all the login info is correct... I can see where there may be an issue if the batch command interpreter is seeing some escape characters here.

also try toad.exe -C $Username/$Password@ALIAS

where ALIAS is your tnsnames.ora entry. 9.7 may not have supported host:port/database

Thank you, John. Will test it using ALIAS