Comment error in editor

I’ve just upgraded to and when I type the following into an editor window I get an error:

select * from dual; /* co

Access violation at address 23290901 in module ‘QP5.dll’. Read of address 173A1000.

Is this possibly a bug with the formatting options?

Nope, this is a bug with Code insight. It looks like when the dropdown is
invoked in a comment, then this error occurs.

The good news is that this error is harmless and there are things you can do to
avoid it. According to the text in your editor, it looks like you may have
invoked code insight with ctrl+t. The other way it can be invoked is by typing a
period and waiting about a second. If you just avoid using code insight in
comments, you should no longer get this

Go to options > Editor > Code Assist

There is a setting in there to set your pop-up delay, you can set that higher.

If you’re not using Code insight at all, you can turn it off by unchcking
“enable Code Insight picklist”

I’ve also noticed that this only happens when you have a comment after a
semi colon (on the same line)

For example:

Select ‘test’ from dual; /* scott. ß causes AV

Select ‘test from dual /* scott. ß does not cause AV

Select ‘test’ from dual;

/* scott. ß does not cause AV

Code insight is switched off by me, but the error happens also if I do a
Ctrl-Shift-F, format. It that more or less the same?

On last correction on this J

This is not a bug in code insight, rather a bug in the parser. It seems that
whenever you have an open comment (/) on the same line after a semi colon and
no closing comment (
/) , there is an error when the code is parsed. I’m
sending this to Andre the parsing and formatting guy


Thanks, setting the code insight options seems to help. I wasn’t invoking it myself, just typing a comment. But putting the comment on a new line doesn’t produce the error.

I confirm that this is a parser bug. We’ll fix it immediately.

Thanks for the catch,