How to troubleshoot Code Insight?


Co-worker is having issues with Code Insight not returning after typing an alias followed by a period. He was on v16.1, so we got him to v16.3, but no luck. The only way out is to kill Toad from Task Mangler. Weird thing is that I can't reproduce it on my PC with the same version/login/DB/editing.

Code Insight works if he types:

FROM otherschema.sometable s

It does not work however if he pulls in a 1000-line package and attempts to edit a cursor SELECT's WHERE clause that has an 8-table join. Both cases work fine on my PC in 16.3, again with the same login (using a proxy, if that matters). Eye-balling the Code Insight options, we had the same settings. I had him remove "Java", "Users" and a few others, but no-go.

I also tried to Spool SQL to file, but it came up empty. Spool SQL to screen on mine shows nothing on a successful Code Insight either.

Thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?


I'm just spitballing here, but are you both using the same Oracle client version?

(FYI, maybe you didn't have any spool sql output because the Code Insight results were already cached)

Turns out he's using the (groan) 32-bit client (32-bit Toad, btw).

I'm going to see about getting that upgraded on his PC, which could actually take some time.

Thanks, John!