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Community Blog/Events: please update them


Community Blog and Community Events are with very old info.
My advice would be to update them or give them up…they are misleading

Also does anyone from quest read the Community Site Feedback forums?


Hi Filipe,

Thanks for pointing it out.

We have focused on the Beta and the product releases, and have not spent enough time in the other areas of the Community site. We will update the Blog and Event area today as per your note.

The Community Site Feedback is managed by the Community Dev team. We will follow up with our Community Server Dev team on those unattended threads.

Thanks again.



you also made a cleanup :slight_smile:
i think that you forgot to clen also the message from Wed, 21 June 2006 :slight_smile:


"Thank you for pointing this out.

  1. We are aware of the Recommending a document issue. Fixing it has been an issue of prioritization.

  2. The http 500 in the site is a difficult one to reproduce; nevertheless we have seen it and are aware of it.

  3. Asking for a new password - We have had issues with the login process for various users. We have been incrementally perfecting it over the past month. However, the “Forgotten Password” has always worked with the exception of users not already in the communities database (at least that was my belief). I actually thought that I had got all of the scenarios fixed for the login process; however, another issue was brought to my attention regarding private communities last week on Friday. Furthermore, my belief is that issue number 2 is also related to the logon process.

Items 2 and 3 are actually high priority issues that we are working on.

Thanks for the feedback. "


Hi Filipe,

Here are the replies we got:


Done Filipe :-).

The message from Wed, 21 June 2006 has been removed.



Just to report that now that those links do not exist anymore in the SQL navigator page that the blog link still exist s in