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Generate Alter Script From Model Comparison

In am in a CI/CD environment where drop and create scripts are not acceptable, particularly for tables. I need to generate DDL based on differences between two model versions. The Model Comparison report identifies the changes, but I want Toad to build a script that implements those differences, such as:

  • Add, modify or delete columns, keys, indexes, etc.
  • Drops objects that no longer exist in the current model

Is this possible? Everything I have seen indicates Toad only supports Drop and Create.

Thank you.

Toad's (Schema or Object) Compare that comes with Xpert edition and above (or the DB Admin module on whatever edition Toad you have) should do the trick.

If data needs to be addressed as part of the (object) changes, there may be no choice on the database but to have the script "clone", drop/re-create the tables to preserve/migrate the data.

If data is not an issue, then the Schema Compare wizard should do nicely, as mentioned.

Toad's schema compare will use "Alter" commands instead of "drop/create" whenever possible.

It never does a drop/create on a table because that would lose your data.