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Compare Data in Toad for Oracle

I am attempting to compare tables between two databases. The tables do not have a unique key, but I am applying a where statement on the “Choose Tables” section of the compare data. I then processed to select the columns to compare and end up on the “specify Key” screen. When I select the “Key Columns” I am getting the message “Key is not unique in …”. When I check my data, using a “SELECT ‘columns’ FROM ‘table’ WHERE ‘condition’ GROUP BY ‘columns’ HAVING COUNT(*) > 1”, I get zero rows.

It appears that the test for Unique key is not using the “WHERE” statement I placed on the “Choose Tables” screen. How do I force TOAD Data Compare to use the WHERE statement when checking for Unique Key?

That’s a bug, sorry. It is already fixed in current beta if you want to try there…