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Compare Excel with Oracle


ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] You cannot use ODBC to import from, export to, or link an external Microsoft Office Access or ISAM database table to your database.

I’m not using Microsoft Access data, but there is a connection in the Access Source to Toad Sample Database.mdb. I didn’t connect to this database (it automatically connects).


I’m using Toad for Data Analysis 2.1.0
I’m trying to compare Excel data with Oracle data. I created an ODBC link to the Excel data and am able to read each set of data separately. When I create a link in the query builder between Excel and Oracle and run the query, I receive the following error:


You don’t need to define an ODBC connection to Excel, if you connect to Excel in TDA, it will handle that for you.

To create the link in the Query Builder, you only need to drag the column in the excel table object to the related field in the oracle table.

Now, even though no data is in Access, Toad will use Access to process the data on the client side to do the compare…