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Cross Connection Queries with Excel as one datasource

I am wondering about a cross connection query using Excel and Oracle.

I am getting it to work just fine.

We have need to share the tsm file, or reopen many times and rerun as data changes.

It appears that that is not allowed when Excel is one of the data sources, as when I open it, and try to execute I receive the following:

microsoft odbc excel driver cannot update. database or object is read-only

Any ideas or suggestion?

I tried this using Toad Data Point and this seems to be working fine. I saved a cross query with Oracle and Excel and I am able to open it.

Did you have your excel as read only? Or is it being used somewhere else? Can you provide some more information? What version of excel this file is created with?

Check the advance tab of the Excel connection. It is read only by default but can be unchecked. Other ideas is to set up automation script to update the excel file or generate reports.