Compare multiple schemas doesn't work correctly on the toad for oracle

I use compare multiple schemas for synchronize codes in the more database, but it works worse then previous version.

  1. Compare procedures, functions, packages, types and bodies return some procedures that are identicaly. It’s look that only some new line/whitespace are after last row of the procedure or function. But there are no difference found in the single object compare.

  2. Exclude double quotes doesn’t work corectly when compares procedure, functions, … Oracle convert name without double quote to uppercase doublequoted identifier. But compare doesnt respect it. Ie. procedure "XYZ" is the same as XYZ. xml node with name "ABC" are the same as ABC but xml node with name "abc" is not the same as ABC. I cant use this switch if I want the same funcionality in the procedure. I must have case sensitive enabled too. It doesn’t respect case sensitivity in the doublequoted string.

I compare different Oracle Version 10gSE, 11g SE/XE, 12c

Best Regards

Břetislav Černík