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Compare XML file to Hive table in hadoop

Hi All,

Could we Compare XML file to Hive table in hadoop in TOAD 4.1?

We use hortonworks hadoop in Microsoft Azure: Cloud



in Toad you are able compare data only with other connections in Toad. You are able add files like Excel, Access or CSV as separate connection and compare with it but with XML we don’t provide any specific connection.

But I believe there should be some way. You can try some XML ODBC driver and create connection in system ODBC. Then you can add this connection to Toad and use it for compare. Second solution should be transfer your XML to one of supported file.


I assume you want to do a data compare. What Filip said above is true. In general data compare is done between connected sources. XML is not one we tend to use much. We connect to excel and csv and use these in a compare.

If you want to try this you need to use the build below and use your Hive ODBC connector. Our native Hive connector is not supported in Data compare and we recently made a fix to support Hive through ODBC. Hive Fixes

Hi Debbie,

The fix is 32bit or 64 bit

Our os is window 7 64 bit , but excel 2016 is 32 bit. Which version should we install TOAD 32 bit or 64 bit?



I think you should use Toad with the same bitness as your ODBC drivers, which you want to use.

It does not matter if you have 32-bit or 64-bit Excel.