Comparision of schemas

Hello all,

Am the new member to this group.

I want to know how to compare the scripts of two different schemas.

Actually, am asked to sync up the DDL changes in two different schemas. Suggest me the best way how I can do it by TOAD or Pl/SQL Developer tools.

Quick response is appreciated

Thanks all!

Have you looked at Database > Compare > Schemas?

It will build a synch script, but you need the DB Admin module to access the
script. Otherwise you can view the differences report.

I believe I have the DB Admin Module to access the script.

I see the following screen as per your instruction. I see Reference Schema(Source) -> Connection --> schema and there is a check box saying Create schema definition file. And then, down there is Schema Definition file again. Can you please guide me how I should proceed

Or is there any online manual which can give me instructions how to navigate, please suggest.

Appreciate your help!


Watch the movie J

This is really helpful. Thanks Jeff!