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Configurable Editor paths

Configurable Editor paths

I work in a number of ways. Sometimes i am in support and I have to support multi environments. Sometimes I sit across projects and multi task my workload.

Each db connection will often be for a different version of the application or indeed different applications.

I want the editor for one connection to open files from the last folder user for this connection only.
Should I switch to another connection again I want the editor to open files from the last folder for this connection.

Additionally should I run a sql script in sqlplus I want it to open that file from the folder in question and hence spool its output to that folder.

I don't want to mix apps/versions etc I want to keep them separate.

Perhaps this option could be configurable ie.:

1 leave as current
2 my new suggestion but it works at connection level
3 as above but it works at editor instance level. Open a new editor in the same connection and this works by itself.

Should this succeed I think additionally being able to rename editor tabs would help such as Prod, dev, uat etc.