Configure simple model conversion

With Settings / Data Type Conversion Settings the data type can be influenced.
But how can I influence other database specific parameters that not exist in the source database system?
E.g. I want the MS SQL 2005 Index Property Checkbox “Allow Page Locks” disabled after model conversion from MySQL 5.0.


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for this question.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up database specific parameters during the model conversion.
However, you convert MySQL 5.0 to MS SQL 2005 and want to have the Allow Page Locks checkbox disabled by default.
Solution: Before the conversion you can change default value for this checkbox.
But take notice of the following: this change will be valid also for all new indexes that you will create in MS SQL 2005 models (in other words, when you create a new index, the checkbox will be clear by default).

How to change the default value for the checkbox:

  1. Enable Expert Mode (Settings | Options | General | select Expert Mode).
  2. Create a new MS SQL 2005 model, create an entity and index. (Temporary)
  3. Open the Idex Properties dialog.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the dialog and select Default Values for Class.
  5. In the Default Values for Class dialog, select Class context (PERIndexMS05 will be only for MS SQL 2005 models).
  6. In the Name column, find AllowPageLocks.
  7. Click the Default Value column for this property, press F2 and change it to False.
  8. Press Enter and confirm OK to close the dialog.

When you create a new index now, the Allow Page Locks checkbox will be clear by default. This will be applied also when you convert any model to MS SQL 2005 model.
So, no you can do the conversion from MySQL to MS SQL 2005.

Flash movie that describes the process on example of entity:

I hope it will help.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team

Default change is exactly what I changed for, thanx for the hint.