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Configuring SQL Navigator 4 with LDAP Url



This is the URL I received from DB Team and with username/password, this connects fine using ORACLE SQLDeveloper.

When I try this with SQL Navigator 4, I cannot get this connected and the documentation is immature, as there’s no info for LDAP based set-up.

I googled and found some tips that I should configure SQLNET.ORA or doing something with Oracle Net Assistant, but is it worth the pain?

If the product team still out there,not sleeping,answer me and send me the steps, not point to some other documentation.

I dont know if the basic requirement of a product – Usability is considered here.


version - 451

am a big fan of TOAD and nothing against SQL Nav and I really wanted to use this, but it’s not helping me…


Holy crap!!

i installed TOAD-freeware and it picked up all connection info from sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.or and it worked.


Hi MaMu,

SQL Nav 4 had no LDAP support.

From 5X we did have partial LDAP support in SQL Nav…
But we still do not support:

  • Multiple LDAP servers

  • Context naming (DEFAULT_ADMIN_CONTEXT)

  • Jaime -