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SQL Nav 6.6 - unable to choose a database on Logon Screen

Not sure if it is a new issue with 6.6 which I just installed.
LDAP server is read-only and I'm unable to change it.
LDAP descriptor is read-only and I'm unable to change.

I remember that previously I could select a database from the LDAP descriptor list.

Hi Alexey,

Could you please check for us in your Oracle home client directory under folder c:\DevSuiteHome\Network\Admin:
- Open the sqlnet.ora and check if you have LDAP included in the NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH, ex. NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH= (TNSNAMES, LDAP)

SQL Navigator specifically looks for LDAP in NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH, if ‘LDAP’ does not exist in the string, the LDAP fields in the log on window will not be enabled.

We believe that you might not have NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH specify yet in your Oracle home sqlnet.ora. Could you please check check it again and add LDAP to the NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks, that solved the problem.