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Connect to Cloud Snowflake

Can I connect Toad Data Point to a Cloud database like Snowflake?

If so how do I do it?

Thanks in advance

Can't do it today in the current release, but Snowflake support is scheduled for later this year!

Ah, I should point out that, until we get native connectivity for SnowFlake in the release later this year, it's possible that you can use an ODBC driver to get at SnowFlake within TDP. Just remember that there could always be some "limitations" when using such drivers.

So there is a way to use an ODBC drive to connect to the cloud snowflake. Ok i will play with that for a while.

I have heard from others that connecting via ODBC can be (ahem) "flakey", so I'd be curious as to your experience in TDP, and if this is a viable alternative until we get SnowFlake supported later this year.