Snowflake Connection

Please consider a connector for Snowflake Cloud DB. We have a need to transfer on-prem oracle data to Snowflake.

I would like to second this nomination. I’ve had several clients this year migrating to Snowflake on AWS.

Yes, starting to see a lot of traction happening on Snowflake with users. Really enjoy using TDP and would be great to have Snowflake supported on it.

Definitely need Snowflake support


Note: This point depicts how to bring information into Sisense's ElastiCube, and how to utilize Live Connect. To import information through ElastiCube Manager, the work area application, click here.

Sisense empowers simple and snappy admittance to information bases, tables and perspectives contained inside Snowflake.

To associate with your Snowflake Training information base, you need to give an association string that distinguishes which Snowflake stockroom you are interfacing with and that data set's qualifications. To make an association string, see JDBC Driver Connection String.

Note: You should give the stockroom name (warehouse=) and information base name (db=) in the association string.

On the other hand, you can give your association string, and rather than client accreditations, you can utilize Key-Pair qualifications for verification. For more data, see Using Key Pair Authentication.

You can bring your information into a Sisense ElastiCube, or interface your information to a Sisense Live model, utilizing Live Connect.

Thanks and regards,
Lavanya Sreepada.

Currently we are targeting having a Snowflake connector for Toad Data Point by end of 2021