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Connecting to AS400 Operating System

Hello -

I am trying to connect my Toad for DB2 and when I go to Create New Connection > Launch DB2 Client Configuration Wizard > Add Catalog Entry > Operating System drop down menu I don’t see AS400 listed. How do I get this to show up?



Toad for DB2 supports DB2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows as well as DB2 on z/OS.

It does not have support for DB2 on AS400\iSeries.

You should try our Toad Data Point product that supports many RDBMS including DB2 AS/400. More information for that product is at:…/default.aspx

Are you saying that Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 will not work unless upgrade to Toad Data Point?

Your connection should work on Toad for Data Analysts. You do not need to upgrade.

However, Toad for Data Analysts was renamed Toad Data Point for version 3.1. Your TDA license will work for Toad Data Point if you choose to install the latest release.