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Toad for Analysts - Connecting to DB2 on OS/400 (iSeries)


I just downloaded Toad for Data Analsysts (v. - Freeware) and was trying to connect to DB2 on OS/400 (iSeries). Tried to set up a connection - got the following Error Message - “[ShowCase Corp.][Showcase ODBC Driver][OS/400]TOAD is not installed or not license for this system.”
Any ideas/suggestions/questions/etc. would be appreciated.


I believe the issue is that SPSS (before it became a part of IBM) tied the ODBC drivers to their product. Because of this, you will only be able to use those drivers with that specific product.

I would recommend going to the IBM website and looking for the iSeries Client Access ODBC driver for use with TDA.


Thank you,
It is weird though, because even the Microsoft products are OK using the ODBC driver I have installed - “Client Acess ODBC Driver (32-bit), Version, by IBM Corporation, file name CWBODBC.DLL dated 3/9/2007”. I was able to successfully connect and query this same database using the same driver with the Microsoft ADODB.Connection - the actuial ADO connection string is “Driver={iSeries Access ODBC Driver};”.

I’ll try and get the following evaluated and installed - from
although I am not quite sure if that’s what’s needed.


I’m a bit confused. What you have installed (“Client Acess ODBC Driver (32-bit), Version, by IBM Corporation, file name CWBODBC.DLL dated 3/9/2007”) is not the same as the driver that is throwing the error ([ShowCase Corp.][Showcase ODBC Driver][OS/400]). Did you select the correct driver in TDA?

Errors from the Client Access driver tend to look like, “[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]”.

You should be able to connect just fine in TDA with the Client Access ODBC driver that you have installed.

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Thank you. This prompted me to check everything again. And I found out that TDA was actuall trying to use Showcase ODBC driver - not IBM Client Access. Creating another entry in the ODBC solved it.
Thanks again.


No problem, glad to hear it is working for you now.