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Connection to [AS] platform not support


I’m trying to connect to a DB2 database using Toad and when I attempt to connect I get the error message “Connection to [AS] platform not supported”.

Does Toad Freeware 4.6 not support z/OS connections?


Please note that I’ve also tried installing the latest trial version software as well and get the same message.

You are correct, the 4.6 freeware product does not support connecting to DB2 on z/OS.

Now that you installed the trial version, the trial license key you use will control whether you can connect to DB2 LUW, DB2 z/OS or both. Please let us know what trial product you downloaded and what trial key you are using. You should be able to see the trial key you are using via the Help - Licensing feature.


Key: Key
Site Message: Trial

Key Type: Trial
License Number: License Number
Edition: Toad for DB2 LUW & Z/OS Xpert Trial
Licensed By: Toad

I just received my answer from Quest support …

Toad doesn’t support Db2 on as400 systems.

I guess my question now becomes whether or not Toad offers a product that allows me to develop and execute stored procedures on an as400?

I spoke with someone in support and they simply advised me to use TDA, but the “Data Analytics” portion of the product title leads me to believe that i’m a) not able to create stored procedures b) not able to perform any function directly on the server.

Can someone confirm this? Also, assuming Toad doesn’t offer an as400 solution, does anyone know of an alternative that can mimic the MS Management Studio environment and works with as400?

Toad for Data Anayysts offers only viewing and execution of Stored Procedures with ODBC connections. An ODBC connection is needed within TDA to connect to DB2 on AS/400-iSeries, so unfortunately you are correct that you cannot create stored procedures for DB2 on AS/400 within TDA.

As Stored Procedures execute on the database server, you may execute those in TDA however, as mentioned, you cannot create those. I am not familiar with MS Management Studio so I cannot mention any alternatives to look into.