Connecting to databases when ZScaler is running

Good morning TOAD team,

We have what I'd call a complex bug. TOAD cannot connect to load balanced databases, just the individual databases via hostname, when ZScaler is doing the secure connection.

I provide no IP addressed but TOAD complains I cannot connect by a specific IP address: I use direct connect in TOAD to make the connection and my TNSnames.ora does not have IP addresses entered anywhere.


The work around is to use the hostname of one of the node databases, but this forces me into a copy settings disaster. I have copied production settings but failed a couple times to copy test and dev settings.

BTW the TOAD Settings General tab no longer gives you access to settings, it has moved to Utilities, Manage User Settings. A setting moved to would have been nice.

I cannot test this in TOAD beta, since out dev virtual desktops have not had ZScaler imposed on them, yet. ZScaler is only in pilot on my laptop, in production. But, if necessary, likely it can be arranged.


Hi Larry,

I'm not sure what to tell you about ZScaler - we don't test that to be honest, I don't really know anything about it or what it is. I see that you are connecting without an Oracle client. This may just be one of those limitations about no-client mode, and to get around it, you may just have to use an Oracle client.

The User Files location has been moved from options -> General to Options -> Files and Folders. "General" was getting too crowded and this location made more sense.

Hi Larry

Thank you John!! Old posts still say to go to general in settings.

Ah, yes that's true about old posts. I'll update them as I notice them (if one in particular caught your attention please let me know). I can't just update all of them. :man_shrugging:t2:

Connecting using TNSnames fails identically.

Toad's no-client mode uses tnsnames.ora, if it can find it (that is, if you've set up TNS_ADMIN). I assume by this you mean "Connecting using an Oracle client"? Specifically, is this option checked in the login window?

If so, then your connection problems have nothing to do with Toad - because Toad doesn't make the connection, the Oracle client does. You should be able to reproduce them using SQL*Plus. If so, you may wish to take the matter up with Oracle and/or ZScaler support.


Good afternoon John,

I was failing using TOAD direct connect. I don't use any IP addresses, but the TOAD error message assumed I did and told me to try a name.

In dev, I was using an IP (which will fail 100% with ZScaler) and TOAD told to try a Host name. When I changed to the host name, it worked.

In the end, OPs pushed me back to TNSnames.ora connection to databases which is working with the single database host, but if a host fails, I can change the host in TNSnames.ora and lose nothing in TOAD.

Thank you! Issue resolved.


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