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Database connection problem with Toad :(


Hi all,

I connect to our databases fine with tnsping and sqlplus - but Toad consistently gives ora12154 when I try to connect. I get my tnsnames from tnsadmin environment variable pointing to a network location. I know that loads fine because Toad gives me all of the database options, and they work just fine in sqlplus (where I can really connect).

I’m running win 7 64 bit, and using Toad, with oracle client 10…2.0.

Any insight on why Toad doesn’t seem to want to connect, but everything else is fine?

Thanks for tips,


If you are not using a 32 bit Oracle client, you need to install one. Toad
can’t use the 64 bit Oracle client.


Thanks for the reply.

How do I tell which one I have? (Machine just came imaged from the helpdesk and I’m more a mssql guy :slight_smile: )


Hmm…that’s a good question! Other than where you download it from,
I’m not sure.

Click the little “…” button next to the “connect
using” dropdown on Toad’s login screen. If it says “home is
valid”, then it’s 32 bit. If there is some other problem, it should
tell you. If there are multiple in there, be sure to pick a valid one.


Turns out my oracle client was ok, it’s just that toad was installed to a directory whose name contains parenthesis. Apparently that just makes things all go wonky for toad (shrug). Resolution was easy: just uninstall and reinstall to a paren-free folder. Silly, but it works now. yay!


had the same problem where someone decided to use whitespace characters to name
their input folder something like
Aunt Susan’s (secret) tax records

i decided to create a folder called AuntSusan …tossed everything in there and
the client software gratefully accepted the input folder of ‘AuntSusan’

i regret the day Apple and Microsoft allowed whitespace characters in their
folder names

oi vay

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Not a toad bug per se – a bug with sql net client (documented on
metalink). You’ll find this point brought up about 5-6 times a year on the
toad community – it’s a common problem when using older oracle
clients that don’t support 64 bit OS. In fact if you look on metalink
you’ll see that few versions support Windows 7 (i.e. 10g came out before
Win 7 – so not officially supported).