Connecting To Mysql 8.0.28 (ECR) using Toad (Windows 10)

SInce i am new to this word. I need your Help..
I am trying to connect to Mysql service on ECR..
I am getting provided jdbc driver is not suitable..
I downloaded jdbc connectors as well (like 8.0.27 , 8.0.28).. But The error remains same.
Kindly Help in setting the same....

Welcome to the ToadWorld forums.

You've posted on the Toad for SQL Server forum, but the product you're referring to is Toad Edge... so in the future, you can post your questions to that forum.

I just looked at our Knowledge Base articles for Toad Edge, and didn't see anything relating to the "driver not suitable" message you're getting.

I'd strongly suggest opening a Support ticket here. The engineers can document your environment, verify the versions of database, drivers you're using, etc. and try and reproduce your issue following exactly the same steps that you outline to them.