Not able to Connect MYSQL 8 via Toad for MYSQL


    I installed MYSQL 8 in my system. After that I am not able to connect via Toad.

Authentication method 'caching_sha2_password' not supported by any of the available plugins.

Like this error coming.Pls Provide the solution for this.

If you're using Toad Edge to connect to your MySQL database, then please re-post your question to the Toad Edge forum. e.g. so that other users can help you if they've run into a similar experience.

However, if you are attempting to use Toad for SQL Server, please be aware that Toad for SQL Server only support SQL Server databases. Use either Toad Edge (for MySQL) or Toad Data Point to connect to MySQL.

That said, if you ARE using either Toad Data Point or TOad Edge, you might want to get your DBA to take a look at the error first.


I am using Toad for MYSQL ONLY Not Toad Edge.Here Toad for MYSQL category is not there so that only i posted in Toad for SQL SERVER Category.

Till MYSQL 5.7 Toad for MYSQL worked correctly, after Installed MYSQL 8 Only i got this error (Image Attached).Pls tell where to ask this solution for this issue.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 16.33.24.jpeg

Quest no longer offers or supports the Toad for MySQL product (since a few years back). Because of that, it's possible that the old product does not support the newer versions of MySQL.

Given that Toad Edge is the product that most have gravitated toward from the old Toad for MySQL, you might still want to post your question in the Toad Edge Forum, where ex-Toad-for-MySQL users may have some guidance for you.

Otherwise, I would take a look at Toad Edge for MySQL if you are doing developer type work on MySQL.
If analyst persona, you might want to take a look at Toad Data Point, which not only can connect to MySQL, but many other sources as well.