Connection error External exception C0000006

When I try to create a connection in TOAD for Oracle , I have this error message
Do you have any idea?

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Which versions are you using for:

Oracle client
Oracle server


Toad : 15.1
Oracle client 12.2
Oracle server : 19 and 12.2

Thanks. I believe this is an OS error, not coming from our source directly.

Are you running from a network drive? If so, try installing Toad locally instead.

No, it's installed direct in my PC

version of my windows 10

I've just been googling the error code for clues. It seems to be caused either by network connectivity problems, or paging problems with the application. I don't think it's anything directly in Toad. I think Toad is having problems in your environment.

What about your Oracle client? Installed locally or on the network somewhere?

Do you have plenty of memory?

What happens if you try to connect with SQL*Plus to the same database?

Oracle client is installed locally was well.
SQLplus is not working, I've not realized it, but it's very curious to have sqldev working.

SQL Developer has different connection methods than SQL*Plus and Toad.

You could try downloading the Toad 16.0 beta version. This version lets you connect to the database without using an Oracle client at all. (You can actually do that in 15.1 also but it's not as convenient).

if you do that, keep version 15.1 installed. When you install the beta, it will copy settings from version 15.1, but then each version will have its own copy of settings.

We are close to the official 16.0 release, so this beta version is almost identical to what will become the official version.