Control Pane

When i opened a saved report into designer mode, I dont get the lables/rich text container ( I mean the control palet where all these controls are kept to drag and drop on the designer pane ).
What option or settings to be done so that I can see the control pane next to Project Manager ?


So you open a *.tdr file and click on the design toolbar icon? After this are all of the docked windows gone? Or just the main toolbox? Is it minimized on the side where you can click on the tab. It is possible that the toolbox got closed and your desktop is retaining this setting. In that case I would rename your settings directory. This will disable all of your settings.

I’m opening a saved report by clicking on the report under Project Manager.
Right clik->Design Reoprt and I’m into design mode.

Even if I open a report deigner from query result set by right clicking on dataset value.
(send to -> Data Report Designer) I dont get the control pane.
I can see Explorer, Datalist and Properies vertical tabs on left and right.
My question : Isn’t there any menu option or toolbar button that will show me control pane ?
Whats’ the way to add custom text/lables on report from the Menu option if no control pane is visible ?

There isn’t any menu option or toolbar button that I know of to show the main tool box. I’m running TDA 2.1 and do not see a way to get rid of that docked window.

My suggestion is the following:

  1. Go to About box and click on Application Data Directory.
  2. Close the application.
  3. Rename the Application Data Directory.
  4. Restart application and see if the docked window is back.
  5. If so, then go back to your old settings directory and copy back in your settings.xml and connection.xml.

No Success… tell me whats the way to “get back” control pane and controls ?