How do I continue editing reports after saving and re-opening?

I can create a report using the Data Report Designer. However, after saving, closing and re-opening, I can’t return to the design template to make changes to either the underlying query or the report layout

Go to main menu item Tools->Customize and enable the Report Viewer Toolbar. In the Report Viewer Toolbar, there will be a “Design Report” button (hover over the button to see the button description as a tooltip.) Click on the “Design Report” button and you will be brought back to Design mode for the report.
If you have problems with this solution let me know and I can post a screenshot.

Hello - I had the same problem, but when I click on Report Viewer, all my toolbar icon go white and I can’t click on any of them? Any ideas?


Mnnn…that seems like a bug. When you open a saved report the edit toolbutton doesn’t seem to get enabled. I entered CR69,714 to fix.

To work around this issue you can do one of the following things;

  1. Click on the “Open Report” Wizard tool button at the bottom of the window. When you open a report this way it seems to enable the tool button.


  1. Using the Tools menu open up the reports Manager. Right click and add your report to this tool window. When you have focus on your report you can now open into desginer or if you choose the ‘Edit Properties’ you can change the name of the report or just the SQL.

This should get you what you need.