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TDP 3.6 - Custom Toolbar

When I create a custom toolbar in the main window (not the Editor window), there are command choices in the (Unassigned Items) group for Open new Diagram, Open new Browser, Open new Query Builder, Open new Editor, and Open new Automation as shown here:

Unassigned Items just the opens.png

After I add these to my custom toolbar, they work fine... unless I right-click on any Editor tab. Then they disappear from the toolbar, and they also disappear from the command list in the (Unassigned Items) group. I have to relaunch Toad to get them back.

Before right-clicking on Editor tab:

Toolbar with the Opens.png

After right-clicking on Editor tab:

4645.Toolbar no Opens.png

I am using TDP version

I have forgotten about those actions. They never were really meant to be on the toolbar. They were in the original launch window and are not new the new launch window as shown below. Try using those actions or Tools | window.

I was looking for something I could use to launch a new editor when I already had open editor windows, so going to the Launch Window doesn’t help me. But I found the choices under Tools -> Editor or Tools -> Edit will accomplish what I need. Thanks!