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Conversion utility or process to move Workbook/Workflows to "classic" Toad Data Point

Please consider the development of a utility or functionality to transfer a Workbook/Workflows designed in TDP Workbook to the "classic" Toad Data Point system. If a user were to spend a large number of hours in development of a Workbook there does not exist a process to move these steps to the "classic" TDP in order to allow Automation or Scheduling. This could be a very valuable enhancement to the system to allow a user to develop their queries/cleansing/ the Workbook and allow it to be transferred to the Classic TDP for Scheduling. The process to create the outputs via the Classic interface while workable is not as "clean" as the Workbook method. The need to duplicate an already created Workbook/Workflow for the purposes of scheduling is not a very efficient usage of resources. Thanks.

We have plans to add scheduling of a workbook. The first release of this would be to add scheduling within the existing workbook interface. It would not tie into the existing automation scripting. In a later release of workbook we can consider adding an Automation script type that runs a workbook. We have considered all of this. It just takes some time to implement. We hope to have this by the end of the year.:sunglasses: