Traditional UI vs Workbook


As I understand, there are no differences between TDP Traditional UI and Workbook. Is there any documented differences or references mentioning that there are no differences?

Is the saved connections in UI carried over Workbook?


Although both of these GUI "skins" are installed with one product installation, there ARE differences. In general, these differences are

  • In the look and feel of the products' usage paradigms
  • Capabilities set (TDP WorkBook doesn't have all capabilities that TDP Classic offers)

TDP Workbook was created several years ago to provide a usage paradigm similar in design to that used in Hyperion/Brio, where those products allowed you to create data/report content with a series of query-based steps all saved in a single query file.

The original TDP Classic GUI has more of a no-nonsense doc-tab look and feel, and has more capabilities surfaced in its interface.
e.g. Classic TDP has Compare/Sync, cross-platform export/import/migration, data profiling (to name a few) that TDP Workbook does not currently have.

Here are some useful links to learn more about TDP Workbook:

Hope this helps you and other users!

Ah, and to the second part of the question, users can export a set of connections from one interface and import them to the other.

Thanks Gary.

Appreciate your quick help.