Converting one logical database model to multiple physical database models automatically?


We are currently moving from Toad DM 2 to Toad DM 5. In Toad DM 2 we maintain one physical database model (based on MSSQL) and for every schema change we convert to a temporary Oracle and MySQL model and generate the DDL scripts. We maintain our product for SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. During a development cycle we often update our database and this process is time consuming.

Is it possible to automate this process using a logical model? I have seen that you can create physical models from a logical model, but it seems to be manual work for each physical database. Is it possible that every time when needed, the changes in the logical model are automatically synchronized with existing (related) physical database models?

And when we need to generate the DDLs do it for all three physical databases at once.

Logical models are really conceptual - i.e. business, non-relational models. You might want to look at TDM’s universal models - i.e. relational database but not specific to any vendor or platform.

Will a universal model allow me to automatically synchronize with all the other physical database models? Or is that still a manual task to create the other database models and than create the DDL scripts? In Toad DM 2 I always have to create new temporary models and when generating those DDL scripts set the options how to generate every time again.

If you don’t compare down to the nitty gritty levels then just one model to rule them all :slight_smile: