Changing DB Type

Is it possible to change DB types after creating model? Or more generically, can I support and generate multiple DDLs for different DB types from a single model?


If you switch db types, be aware that there are default data type mappings from one to the other in TDM. For example a SQL Server Text column might become an Oracle clob. There are some scenarios where going from database a to b to c and then back to a could result in the series of converts not returning to the same starting point. This is more the exception than the rule.

BUT - why have three physical models that are the same and sync them to each other. The logical model is merely in many ways a physical model devoid of a specific database platform. You could (should) use that as the single source and then sync the logical model to each of the physicals. Then you will not possibly get into grey areas …


Bert is right. You can use only conversion options in TDM. (File menu | Sync & Convert | Sync & Convert Wizard or Simple Model Conversion).

TDM allows you to set up conversion settings for data types: Settings | Data Type Conversion Settings (Expert mode must be on.)

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Please see the Help file, Index tab and type ‘conversion’. There are many topics with detailed information.

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Vladka + TDM Team