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Copy and Paste Single Column

I’m new to Toad. Probably a dumb question. Version 10.6 Pro. I have a result set with about 20 rows and 25 columns in a data grid. I want to highlight, copy, and paste one single column (the entire column) to, say an Excel spreadsheet. How can I do that? I can easily select the entire data grid (with select all) and I can easily select an entire row,. But how do I select an entire column, just one column and copy it? Every time I click on the column name it just re-sorts column.

Any help would be appreciated. And thanks in advance.

I can shift-select to get a range of cells in a single column…if you want
the whole column real quick, easiest way may be to hide all the columns but what
you want, then select all, copy, paste

No dumb questions here. Okay, maybe a few now and then.

One way to accomplish what you’re after is to click the show/hide column
tool in the far upper left of the data grid. Check only the column you want to
see/copy. Right-click within the column data and choose Export Dataset, then
simply take it from there.

A simpler way is to make sure Row Select is unchecked in the same right-click
menu, then simply select the cells within the coulmn of your choice and then use
the standard cut and paste shortcuts.

Even easier is to copy the entire sheet and delete the unnecessary columns in
excel. J

…and if you want the column header, use CTRL+INSERT to copy

Forget all this column hiding nonsense. Here’s the fastest way: