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i am using toad modeler 3.5, is there option to copy and paste the entity(multiple) with existing relationship. this is very usufull if someone want to copy the table and make new once with same kind of parent/shild relashionship.




yes, you can easily copy entities with relationships to other models. Select entities and relationships on your workspace and use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste selected objects from/to another model.


  1. You can copy objects from Oracle models and paste them to MS SQL model etc. The two models don’t have to be for the same database system
  2. Click “Objects” menu and enable the “Select links automatically” option to automatically select relationships that belong to selected entities.
  3. Select one entity, right click on it and choose the “Select Parent and Child Objects” option. This way you can easily add parent and child entities to the selection and then use copy and paste feature :slight_smile:



hi Vaclav

thanks for the answer, it will save my time a lot…

entity copy from oracle to my sql works fine for me, but it is not doing the same from my sql to oracle. currently i am converting the model to a new once and coping to oracle ?. anyway to avoid conversion ?


Hello Shiljith,

You write the copy doesn’t work from MySQL to Oracle.
In this case, if you have a look at Message Explorer, there will be the following message:
Objectc can’t be copied.
Although it doesn’t often happen, it can.

Let me explain.
It occurs when some specific object properties that are in the source model do not exist in target model or it is impossible to copy them. Examples: Copy of entity from MySQL 5.1 to Oracle - the entity has assigned a Database. OR Copy of entity from MS SQL 2005 to MySQL 5.1 - entity has Partition Schema. Etc. - It is not possible to copy the entity with the property.

Generally, if an object is copied and the object is not in definition of the target db, a problem might occur.

Solution for these cases is to use the Model Conversion feature.

You can use either the Sync&Convert Wizard or Simple Model Conversion.
Feel free to select particular objects that you want to convert (among OTPs, the Select Object Types page in the Sync&Convert Wizard).

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team