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Reverse engineer into an existing model or get relationships with Live RE


I have a large schema I am trying to reverse engineer. I prefer to bring in a few entities at a time. However, the only method I can find to bring entities into an existing model (in other words, add to a model) is to use Live RE but Live RE does not yield relationships. If I use Standard RE, I get relationships but alway generates a new model! I also can’t find a way to copy entities from one model to another! Consequently, I am stuck with the inability to add to a model AND have relationships using Reverse Engineering. Am I doing something wrong here because this seems ludicrous.



LIVE RE allows you to add only entities, views and synonyms to your existing Oracle models. Relationships are not loaded during LIVE RE. I’m sorry.
Standard RE always creates a new model.

To update your existing model, you can do the following:

  1. Use Model Update. - Open the model that you like to update and select Model menu | Model Update. You will go through the Model Update Wizard that is similar to standard RE Wizard. Select objects you like to load. Then you are automatically switched to Convertor where the changes will be merged and the existing model will be updated.

  2. Do standard RE -> Aa new reversed model will be created, so you have the old model and a new, reversed model. Now you have several options what to do:

a) merge the models via Convertor (Model menu | Alter Scripting, Model Merge) - please see Help file, Convertor topic.

b) merge the models quickly via Simple Model Merge (Model menu) - see Help file, Simple Model Merge topic.
Flash movie:

c) copy the objects from one model to another.
There are many ways how to copy entities. E.g. simply select the entities + relationships in WS (use SHIFT for multiple selection), press CTRL+C, activate the other model and press CTRL+V. - see Help file, Copy Entities topic.

Other ways are shown in the flash movie at:

Note: When you have a look at the Help file, please search via the Index tab. Simply start to type the words, the topic will be found in a sec.

If you have any questions, please write me back.



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