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Copy and replace from one workbook to another


I have created an automation script/workflow in Toad Data Point 5.0 where I am exporting the result in the form of Excel. However this is the raw data that I need to copy and update into another excel workbook which has some formulas already setup. Before copying into the other workbook, I delete the existing data and then paste the data from the newly generated export wizard. I am currently doing this manually. Is there a way to automate this?

Should be able to, yes. Assuming that you are using TDP's Import Wizard, you can save the options/parameters that are used during the Wizard in a template file for re-use later in automation flows. See Snap One, where I highlight the fact that you can overwrite an existing Excel file, or wipe out the data that's there before importing new data.

Snap 2 shows how to create the Import template file for re-use later, assuming you're using the same file names, locations, etc.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the response.
I need to export into a file that has formulas in it already. Here is the rough structure of my end excel file. I have Columns A-CH and rows 1:x and the number of rows change according to the my query. The first 2 rows have some formulas, third row is headers and data is from 4th row. Now before I export I need to clear data from 4th row until the end and then then export the new data from A4 onwards while still preserving the formulas. And if possible append date to this newly generated file. I don't think this can be achieved directly through the export wizard. Please correct me if I am wrong and let me know if there is a workaround


As you can see I have some formula in P1 and there are others in row 2, row 3 are headers and from row4 there is data. If I select any of the options in the export wizard the formula is gone and it is just pasting the data.